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Photo Order Info
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Hello Everyone,

The photo proofs are ready!  Please note that all photo orders are to be placed directly with the photo company.  Below (and attached!) is all of the information from the photo company including pricing, links to view proofs, how to order, and delivery information.  Photo proofs are organized by the day they were taken.  If you forget when your child’s group was scheduled, we have attached the photo schedule to this message.  We hope you enjoy viewing them – we’re very excited for you to see.

The deadline to order is Friday July 13th at 8pm.  Your order must be e-mailed to  If you require any assistance or have any questions, please contact Sonia at 416 995-4294.

Thank you and have a great day.

Jeanette Hedley
I.R. Dance Studios



From Andy Yu Photography:

Here are the links to proofs for your studio photo days:

Day 1:  Mon, April 30: 

Day 2:  Tues, May 1st: 

Day 3:  Wed, May 2nd: 

Day 4:  Thurs, May 3rd: 

Day 5:  Fri, May 4th / Reschedule Fri May 11:

Please make sure to specify: 1) Parent Name and Studio  2) Filename(s) and Formats (digital file or print – along with print size 5×78×10 or 11×14).  All prints will come in a matte finish.

Here are directions on how to find the filename:

Click on the photo

Click on the “i” (or the word “info”) that is in a circle found on the top right of your screen

Copy the Filename found under the date (i.e. IRD-20180430-1001-Edit.jpg)

Sample order:

1. Debbie Smith – IRD

2.  Order:

Digital files:   IRD-20180502-2057-Edit.jpg


Prints :  IRD-20180430-0687-Edit.jpg (5×7)

IRD-20180430-1491-Edit2.jpg  (8×10)

Composite – digital file:  IRD-20180501-2347-Edit.jpg and IRD-20180501-4431-Edit2.jpg

*Composite 8×10’s are created with 2 photos. You will receive a proof to approve. You can purchase the digital file or print version 

Banner – digital file:  IRD-20180502-1351-Edit.jpg  and  IRD-20180502-1391-Edit.jpg  and  IRD-20180502-1385-Edit.jpg

*Banner 8×12’s are created with 3 solo photos (not headshots) that use the white background. You will receive a proof to approve. You can purchase the digital file or print version 


The deadline for ordering is  Fri, July 13th at 8pm.  Your order (with payment) must be e-mailed to  If you require any assistance or have questions, please contact Sonia at 416 995-4294.

Only digital files (no prints) can be ordered after the deadline but at $15 each file. Bulk digital file discounts will no longer apply. So, please get your orders and payment in on time!


If you would like to know your order total before sending payment, please request it.   Payment is by e-transfer (this is done through your online personal banking website) and must be made by the order deadline.   Once payment is received, in 2-3 business days, you will receive a link to download your digital files.

What are Digital Files? Digital files can only be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer in order to send them for print. You can use digital files to print in any size and as many times as you want!

Print Quality:  The quality of our studio prints are similar to those from any commercial print laboratory

Prints will be mailed to the studio approximately 3 weeks after the deadline.  The studio will contact you to let you know once they are in.
We have also attached a product pricing list and order form.  But you do not have to use our order form.  You can copy and paste the filenames into a regular e-mail.

**Absolutely no digital file sharing please.  We work very hard to bring you quality photos at a competitive price.  Digital file sharing does not allow us to make a profit and can cause an increase in price for everyone to compensate for lost sales**


If sharing a proof or digital file on social media (Instagram or Facebook), we would appreciate tagging Andy Yu Photography or giving him credit if not tagging his studio.

Thanks so much!  We hope everyone enjoys viewing the proofs!

Sonia and Andy


Photo Order Info

Photo Order Form 2018

Photo Product Pricing 2018

Photo Schedule 2018

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