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Photo Days
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Photo Days

Photos will take place at the studio Mon April 30 – Fri May 4.  Regular classes are cancelled on those days.

The Photo Schedule is Here: Photo Schedule 2018

For senior dancers in the Cast, the Poster Participants Chart is Here: Poster Participants 2018

This year we are again working with Andy Yu Photography.  Some of the benefits of their company include being able to see proofs of the photos before purchasing, as well as a greater variety of package and photo options (digital, printed, various sizes, customizations, etc.)  If you’re interested in seeing some of his work, please visit his website at:  or look for him on social media (Facebook & Instagram).

Pricing information is here: Andy Yu Photography – Product Pricing 2018

It is mandatory that dancers attend, but you are not required to purchase photos.  If you are interested in purchasing photos, you purchase them directly from the photo company.  Orders will be done online (view proofs on their website, then place orders through email) 4-6 weeks after the photo days.  Details for ordering will be sent home when proofs are ready.


While some costumes have already gone home, the bulk of them will go home starting this week and throughout the month of April.  Please note that if there are fees outstanding on your account, your child’s costume will not go home with them.  Included with the costume will be a pair of tights (if required) and a costume care sheet.  The costume care sheet will give details on hair, tights and make up requirements.

The chart of hair and make-up requirements is here: Hair Tights Makeup Shoes Info By Class 2018

We strictly ask that dancers wear NO jewelry, including stud earrings.  If children are wearing souvenir wristbands, friendship bracelets, etc. they will be asked to take them off on the photo days.  If you’re considering getting your child’s ears pierced, please wait to do so until after the photos/performances.  We also ask for no nail polish / toe polish for those in classes with bare feet / food undeez.  We make these requests so the groups look uniform and what shines is your child in their dance costume!

Thank you for your cooperation.

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