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Photo Orders 2017
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The deadline to order is (extended to) Sun, July 9th at 8pm – digital files only.  Please note that digital files of photos can be ordered after this date/time, at the regular price of $15 per file.


From Andy Yu Photography:

Here are the links to proofs for your studio photo days:

Day 1: Monday May 1

Day 2: Tuesday May 2

Day 3: Wednesday May 3

Day 4: Thursday May 4

Day 5: Friday May 5



Please make sure to specify: 1) Studio Name 2) Parent Name 3) format (digital file or print) 4) filename(s) – we need full filenames since there are files from 5 different photo days.

If you are ordering prints, you must specify the print size (5×7, 8×10 or 11×14) as well. All prints will come in a matte finish.


Here are directions on how to find the filename:

Click on the photo

Click on the “i” that is in a circle found on the top right of your screen

Copy the Filename found under the date (i.e. IRD-20170501-0001-Edit.jpg)

**Please refer to the photo attached of how to find the filename. The “i” icon is where my finger is pointing (on most browsers). Sometimes instead of an “i” it will say Info (varies by browser). The filename is highlight in blue**


Sample order:

1. IRD Studios

2. Debbie Smith

Digital files: IRD-20170501-0001-Edit.jpg

Prints: IRD-20170501-0001-Edit.jpg (5×7)

IRD-20170502-0011-Edit.jpg (8×10)

Composite – digital file: IRD-20170501-0001-Edit.jpg and IRD-20170504-0200-Edit.jpg



The deadline to order is (extended to) Sun, July 9th at 8pm – digital photos only. Your order must be e-mailed to If you require any assistance or have any questions, please contact Sonia at 416 995-4294.


All pricing includes HST already. If you would like to know your order total before sending payment, please request it. Orders WITH payment are due by the order deadline.

Once your order is placed, please send with payment either by e-transfer (our preferred payment) to or provide credit card information (Visa/MasterCard card#, expiry, CVV and postal code) in e-mail or by phone.

You can still order digital files from us after the order deadline, but pricing will increase to $15 per digital file. We only offer discounted studio pricing up until the order deadline so please make sure to get your orders in on time!

If sending an E-Transfer, please e-mail us that you have sent it and let us know who it will be from (sometimes it is in a significant other’s name that we might not recognize if the last name is not the same as yours). Please set the e-transfer password to ayphoto.

You can either print and fill out the order form or submit a photo or scan via e-mail. You do not have to use our order form…a simple e-mail with the information required and filenames will also work.


When will I get my prints or digital files?

Once payment is received you will receive a link to download your digital files (in 2-3 business days).

Prints will be mailed to the studio approximately 3 weeks AFTER the order deadline date. The studio will contact you to let you know once they are in.

Digital files can only be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer in order to send them for print. You can’t download them to a phone, iPad, Microsoft Surface or generic tablet if you are wanting to save and print them at a commercial lab. You can use digital files to print in any size and as many times as you want!

**Absolutely no digital file sharing please. We work very hard to bring you quality photos at a competitive price. Digital file sharing does not allow us to make a profit and can cause an increase in price for everyone to compensate for lost sales**

If sharing a proof or digital file on social media (Instagram or Facebook), we would appreciate tagging Andy Yu Photography or giving him credit if not tagging his studio.


Our social media links:




Sonia Jung

Studio Manager

Andy Yu Photography

416 995-4294 or 416 949-8898


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